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2024 Exhibitors

Raeghan Buchanan

$pr Dee

Amanda Shea [Host}

Barbara Brandon-Croft

Barbara Thomas & Timothy Wall

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Bill Campbell

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Bithiah Holton

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Brittney Bourne

C. J. McWillis

Calvin Chambers

Christopher Rhodes

Clyde Rich

Coleman Luse

Cosplay Guest - Venture Bros Cosplay

Cosplay Guest- Onkey Cosplay

Dave Ortega

David Crownson

Don Bass

Euwarnii Hughes

Flolynda Jean

Gabriel Joy Reid

Greg Anderson Elysée

Grezsa Michelle Abreu

Jameson Francois

Jarrett Melendez

Javier Cruz Winnik

Javon O. Stokes

Jemima Victor

Jhai James

Joel Christian Gill

John Jennings

Jonathan Todd

Juan Espinosa

Liz Montague

Maya Escobar

Naomi Torres-Ortiz

Nell Valle

Nile Hennick

Nya Cruz

Omari Malik

Ray Billingsley

Ray Felix

Rob Stull

Robyn Smith

Sayyid Lestrade

Suubi Magoola (Artist Name: SCR1BE_IV)

Graphic Novel Presented by Dark Horse Comics
A group of inner-city youths suddenly gain the ability to speak with animals, and they must use that and other new superpowers to fight to save the world! “As an African American born in west Africa, I was called to write this book to create a world where a strong, young black woman would be the hero and that other youth of color could see themselves in the same heroic, positive light. This was a calling to create a unique and inclusive literary experience that helps to inspire diverse young readers to face whatever challenges comes their way in the real world.” - Tem Blessed Creator and Author

Tem Blessed

That Doodlin' Do!

Trevis Forbes

William E. Cooper

Zahirah Nur Truth


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