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Pre-Judging: 1:30-3PM 

Contest Time: 4PM 



*Cosplays must cover all private areas 

*If you are under the age of 13, you must have your parent or guardian's permission to enter and you must also be accompanied by your parent or guardian
during judging, rehearsal and the contest.


*We, and by we I mean our cosplay staff or really any Comics in Color Festival staff,
reserve the right to refuse entry or participation to anyone for any reason. 


*Be respectful to other cosplay entrants and the judges. Unruly or disruptive behavior during pre-judging, backstage, or during the contest is not permitted.

*When you sign up for this contest you agree to read and abide by all rules as posted. Violating these rules may lead to disqualification.

*Kids Cosplay Category (Up to 12)

*Teen Cosplay Category (13 to 17)

*All cosplays are accepted, however, at least 75% of your cosplay needs to be
handmade in order to be considered for the "Best Craftsmanship Award"

 Compete in three Categories 

Best Craftsmanship - $150

Peoples’ Choice  - $100

Teen Division (13-17) -$75 Gift card to Blick Art Supplies

Kid’s Division (up to 12) - $25 Gift card to Blick Art Supplies


For more information please contact

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