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Comics in Color One-Year Anniversary Celebration 2019

Who We Are

Comics in Color is a group of people of color passionately dedicated to exploring the world of comics storytelling in order to see ourselves reflected in this media format and art form.


Overall Vision

We continue to grow and form a supportive community of critical makers and storytellers who use the visual medium. We explore what has been done and use what we have to make space for ourselves in this genre and larger community. We have established a growing presence in our region uniting with other growing communities of color where we tell our stories and explore our possibilities.



Comics in Color’s mission is to produce free and accessible events in the Boston community that brings awareness to creators of color that are currently producing comics and visuals stories as well as encourage and support people of color to tell their stories and create their own comic projects and contribute to the cultural ecosystem.


Project Vision

We convene gatherings of artists of color across a spectrum of backgrounds who share work and thoughts about our intersection with the world of comics and comics related culture. We see the need for our stories and ideas as critical at this time for many reasons. We believe that a convening of like minds to exhibit work, host panel discussions and establish an entrepreneurial presence in our city is vital to our growth and trajectory.


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