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Artist Alley


Sounds by DJ Troy Frost


Performance Program



Boston is full of talent! We will have some amazing dance,    
fashion, and music performances from local creators.

    • A dance performance from Origination's NIA Dance Troupe

    • Afro Futuristic Fashion show with the House of Nahdra

    • The R&B Stylings of Notebook P

DJTroyFrost web.JPG
Notebook P.jpg


All panels and workshops will take place on the second floor of the
Reggie Lewis Center in the multiservice rooms.

How to Kickstarter  

Sponsored by Kickstarter 


Crowd funding is an integral part of independent comics self-publishing. This panel has several creators who have run successful Kickstarter campaigns and they will talk about what it takes to make your campaign stand out.

Moderator: Orianna Leckhert 

  • Javier Cruz Winnick

  • Juan Espinosa

  • LJ Baptiste

KS logo.png
Juan Espiniosa.jpg
LJ Baptiste.jpg

Radical History of Comics

 1:00PM - 1:45PM

This panel will discuss how comics have been a part of social movements throughout history and in modern times. 

Moderator: Quincy Walters 

  • Joel Gill 

  • Ben Passmore

  • Nassed Gifted  

Q walters.jpg
Joel Christian Gill.jpg

The Sixth Element:

The intersection of Comics,
Graffiti, and Hip Hop 

2:00PM - 2:45PM

Comics have always had a place in hip hop since the first time Big Hank name checked Superman in Rapper's Delight. Our panelists will discuss how comics have influenced hip hop's visual element on walls and galleries around the world. 

Moderator : Kristen Halbert 

  • Barrington Edwards

  • Rob Stull

  • Mike Davis 

  • Mark Davis

Rob Stull
K halbert.jpg

Exploring Identity 

3:00PM - 3:45PM 

We often express our innermost selves through art. Our panelists will discuss their work and how they have used it to explore their own identities.

Moderator: Cagen Luse

  • Dave Ortega

  • Ingrid Pierre

  • Tak Toyoshima 

CLuse Headshot2.jpg
Ingrid Pierre - Illustrated Portrait.jpg

Conversation with
Robb Armstrong

4:00PM - 5:00PM

Special guest Robb Armstrong about his 30 years of creating the most published Black
comic strip in the world..



Build Your Character Workshop 

Sponsored by MassArt Center for Art and Community Partnerships

11:00AM - 2PM 

SPARC! will lead a workshop for all ages about designing your own comic character.

Moderator: SPARC! The Artmobile 


Stop Motion Workshop

2:00PM - 2:45PM 

Shaanti Williams of What Good? will demonstrate techniques he uses to create his intricate stop- motion animation projects.

Whut good2.jpg

Comics in Color Trivia 

3:00PM - 3:45PM 

Test your knowledge of Black comics with host Daneja Bradley for some fun and prizes! 

CIC Trivia copy.jpg



11:00AM - 1:00PM  

Join our artist for a live session of drawing. Each artist will take 15 - 20 minutes to make a quick sketch and talk about technique and inspiration. 


Moderator : ​Rixy FZ 

  • Jamal "JAMsketch" Simmons 

  • Tyrone "Zerosnake" Motley

  • Gabriel Reid 

Gabriel Reid
Rixy FZ WEB.jpg

Animation Screening 

Sponsored by Roxbury

International Film Festival

1:00PM - 1:45PM  

Roxbury International Film Festival Screening of Heroes of Color animated series and conversation (via zoom) with creator David Heredia. Heroes of Color LLC was formed to create multicultural content ranging from multicultural books, animation and other merchandise and stop motion by animator Shaanti Wiliams from his WHUT GOOD? series. 

Moderator: Lisa Simmons 

logo-roxfilmfestival copy.png
Heros of Color copy.jpg
Whut Good.jpg

The Black Aesthetic

2:00PM - 2:45PM

Artist and activist Allentza Michel, will sit down with fabric artist L'Merchie Frazier and special guest Ronald Wimberly to talk about the Black aesthetic in the comics and art world. 

Moderator: Allentza Michel 

  • L'merchie Frazier 

  • Ron Wimberly 

Alley Michel.jpg

Team Work: 
Collaborating in Comics 

3:00PM - 3:45PM 

This panel will focus on the relationship between writer and artists and  best way to work together to create the visuals you want to see for your projects. 

Moderator: Ashley Lewis

  • Barbara Thomas

  • Greg Anderson Elysee

  • Stephanie Yue

A Lewis.jpg
Barbara Thomas
Greg AE.jpeg


Live Comics and Graffiti

Art Mural Experience  

Sponsored by StudioVexer and Barrington S. Edwards

with support from NEFA

Artists from the "Imagined Futures" project will work on their mural sized comic panels while festival guests and participants are invited to join in writing and drawing their vision of the future of our community. 


  • Michael "HopsArt" Womble

  • Thomas Burns

  • Nacaira Tse Greenawya

  • Mimi Phan 

  • Barrington S. Edwards  


* We will be observing all safety protocol of the City of Boston. Masks will be required and
we will  be social distancing throughout the event space.

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